Bug ID Category Function Description Status
66OtherRegExIt seems as if the "replace portion" part is not working. Keep item and remove item seem ok. :)Resolved
65Downsize ToolsSave If length > Queue ToolI used the queue tool on more than one function and when I tried to use the "Save if length is greater than" I was not asked for a number and ULM just started to crop. Seems as if the queue tool is not clearing itself between uses. Thanks.Resolved
64OtherBetween ToolBetween Tool does not seem to allow multiple characters as input. I tried to remove text between bounds, I typed .html in the right bound which crashed ULM. Sometimes users may need to write more than one character in the bounds to be more discriminatory with selections. In this example I could not simply use "." as there was a "." previous to it. Thanks.
63OtherBetween Tool With QueueIt seems as if the "include bounds" option does not work if the user is using the between tool, combined with queue tool.Resolved
62Slice ToolsSlice With QueueIf user uses the queue tool with slice tool more than once and with different functions without closing ULM down between operations, ULM does not ask the user to input a number for the second function.
61OtherRegExProcessing multiple files with RegEx is not automatic, user has to keep pressing the process button.Resolved
60OtherJoin VerticalThe Join Vertical box has a delete processed files tick box option in the top left of the window.Resolved
59OtherRegExThe RegEx tool in ULM is awesome, but I seems to be having trouble with Negative lookahead as it doesn't seem to be working for me. Code to reproduce. Test.txt contains q (newline) queen (newline) eq (newline). RegEx is q(?!=u). The output should find "q" and "eq".Resolved
58OtherWebSiteOn the Requests page I notice the following text at the bottom of the page.

Notice: Undefined variable: ...
57Analysis ToolsBrief AnalysisThe last version that works on my Win7 Home Premium 64-bit system is Version 0.95x341 beta Compiled on 20.06.12.

Every version since then, up to V1E93.zip (Version 1.00E93 beta, Compiled on 10.04.13) crashes when I start a Brief Analysis, which is the first thing I do with ULM.

Windows reports that the program stopped working, and no compatibilty setting I've tried gets it to work.
56OtherEncoding ConverterI tried converting a few text files to ANSI. One of them was UTF-8 but I didn't know which one. So I dragged the five files into the converter window, left the source as automatic and set output as ANSI ULM crashed saying out of memory.Resolved
55Sort/AdvancedSort and removeTrying to sort and remove duplicates from a 5GB list I received the

"Hmm error has been detected please contact the developer."

"Run time error 9 subscript out of range."

This is the sub it was working on... "LRL-0.0"

Thank you.
54OtherSort and Remove After JoinThis is only after the Join tool is used. When the automatic sort and remove dupes is ok'd by the user ULM does not remove the duplicates in this run. The user needs to run sort and remove on the same list again to actually remove dups. Sort and remove works ok on its own though, it is just in this automatic function immediately after a join.Resolved
53OtherConverterCannot convert it to separate all the words by " " (space). <br> I receive runtime error. Resolved
52OtherCross ReferenceFrame (counter) doesn't update when lists are processedResolved
50OtherCross ReferenceV1E67. Trying to use cross reference on a 325MB list against a 326MB list (both delimited and sorted) I receive error ... "Runtime error 13, type mismatch."Resolved
49Transform ToolsRotate Right, Rotate LeftThe last item is not being properly rotated when the file does not end in new lineResolved
48Transform ToolsMask Match FullOutputting multiple lines of the same text Charset insert not workingResolved
47OtherJoin VerticalIn the latest version of ULM (V1E59) The "delete processed files" option no longer works for me. Win 7 64Bit. Resolved
46OtherRegular ExpressionsCurrently the Hash-IT button is... [^\x20-\x7e£’€] It should be... [^x20-x7e£€]Resolved
45Sort/AdvancedSort Short To Long ErrorI have sent an e-mail with an example text file. Sort it short to long and look at the end of the file (longest). Lines are merged together.Pending
44OtherCross ReferenceUsing cross reference on multiple files I received the error message.. Run time error 5, invalid procedure call or argument. Resolved
43OtherMerge HorizontalI have e-mailed you two text files that don't merge horizontally properly. Not every line from the first lists is merged with every line in the second list.Resolved
42OtherGlobal Temp FileWhen I restart ULM I am frequently asked if I want to remove the old temp folder. I am unsure why it is happening. There doesn't seem to be a pattern to it but I mostly use ULM like this.. Merge vertical, sort and remove duplicates then sort by length short to long.Resolved
41OtherJoin VerticalAfter using the new feature where ULM asks the user if they want to sort and remove after merging, the re-named file cannot be loaded back into ULM with the input list arrow. Resolved
40OtherGlobalWhen processing non ANSI files, ULM does not recognise the encoding properly.Resolved
39OtherRegExWhen using Reg Ex If a user works on a file called test.txt when test001.txt already exists in the same directory test001.txt is over written when using the "remove item" check box. ("Remove item" in RegEx refers to text in the file not like the "Join Vertical" remove.) Resolved
38OtherQueueDoesn't work. When I drop several files on the main screen a window appears, I press yes and in the new window there's only a Close button. I press it and files dont get added.Resolved
37Hash ToolsHashIf I put a single line or word in a text file then try to hash it I get the following error "stream read bound error" - "run time error 9 subscript out of range", then ULM crashes.Resolved
36Sort/AdvancedSort and removeTrying to sort and remove duplicates from a 2GB list containing only numbers resulted in the following error. "runtime error 6 overflow".Resolved