Bug ID Category Function Description Status
172Otheropen sourcewhy you don't go open source on github, so we can help improve these awesome tools. more people means faster development.Resolved
169Sort/AdvancedSplit by length 1-128+If splitting a large text file when any one character length file reaches a size of ~4GB the program crashes. The same file can be split out in other areas of the program.
144OtherRules ToolWhen attempting to use "smart + toggle" ULM crashes. Error code = run time error 5 invalid procedure call or argument.Resolved
142Charset ToolsDouble-click to add charsetversion 128:
In Charset when you double-click for the presets the charsets are wrong.

In Tools\Generator\Standard the upper/lower cases are switched.

I haven't checked the others tools.
138OtherDeLimiterOdd results with some lists when in UTF-8, probably all related to UTF-8 conversion.Resolved
135OtherBase64 EncodePut a few lines of text in a text file. Leave a blank line between each line of text.

Base64 Encode it.

Base64 De-Code it.

Compare the two files, Bug = the blank lines are different somehow according to my comparator.
134OtherBase64 De-Code to HEXPut a few lines of text in a text file. Leave a blank line between each line of text.

Base64 Encode it.

Base64 De-Code to HEX

Use the HEX Converter tool to convert to plain. Bug = Blank lines are missing.
133Downsize ToolsRestrict by occuranceOption name: "Restrict by occurance "
Description info: "Only items which are in the list at least X number of times defined by the user are kept. Other items will be discarded"

Option name and description info needs more clarity what option does!
Is it about keeping duplicate lines by X occurrence?!
For different lists it gives different crazy output that I can't even tell where problem is..

Can you clarify in comment what exactly option should do, so I can pinpoint bug?
132Downsize ToolsBug in consecutive algorithmLooks like bug has something to do with word before having same few characters at the end as next word with same characters at front.

"Downsize" "Restrict max consecutives" Max consecutive chars=2

aabasa /kept ok
aabasaa /kept ok
aabasb /<- word removed by bug
aabasc /kept ok

"Downsize" "Restrict min consecutives" Min consecutive chars=3

aabasa /removed ok
aabasaa /removed ok
aabasb /<- word kept by bug
aabasc /removed ok
131Downsize ToolsContains at most(count) letter XIn popup box where you add count it says:

"At least X instances:"

Should be:

"At most X instances:"
130Downsize ToolsPurify listLooks like I can't remove NULLs with it.
Small list file if u need it -> http://s000.tinyupload.com/?file_id=22425418107839988807
129Line Tools".... if line contains (text)"Description in "Information" fields for 1)"Keep if line contains (text)" & 2)"Remove if line contains (text)" is wrong:
1)"Items which contain the phrase defined by the user will be removed"
2)"Items which contain the phrase defined by the user will be kept"

Must be:
1)"Items which contain the phrase defined by the user will be kept"
2)"Items which contain the phrase defined by the user will be removed"

128Slice ToolsSlice before (text) Search from ...." Bug noticed in both "Slice before (text) Search from left" & "Slice before (text) Search from right"

Wordlist's content we working on:


Doing "Slice before (text) Search from ...." / text=:####:09: / Inclusive mode= yes

Buged result:


Expected result:

127Slice ToolsSlice ..... (text) Search from leftDescription in "Information" fields is mixed up, you need to swap fields for "Slice after (text) Search from left" & "Slice before (text) Search from left" . Easy fix :)Resolved
122OtherConvert to Hex toolThe convert to Hex tools does not convert tabs [tab] properly. If you make a list with lines including [tab]'s in them and then restore the same list using ULM you will see that the plain text output is wrong. Thank you.Resolved
121Charset ToolsIems within / partially in charset will beWhen attempting to use these two functions. The popup window displays asking with a textbox for Character set and checkboxes for Lower, Upper, Specials etc.

When selecting and clicking the green tick button, nothing happens.
120OtherRegExThe "Remove Item" only reads the first regular expression in the multi expression window. This happens regardless of the "output Other" option. Better explanation sent in e-mail :)Resolved
119OtherRegExRegEx "Remove Item" is not working properly, better explanation sent in e-mail :)Resolved
118OtherItem PairingItem pairing does not produce the expected output. I have sent test files via e-mail. Thank you.Resolved
117OtherRegExRegEx tool doesn't seem to clear itself between jobs when the "Output Other" option is used, which affects further processes unless the tool is restarted. I will send a better explanation in an e-mail. Thanks.Resolved
116Sort/AdvancedSort and remove dublicatesresult sort from "truesort":

GzzupSlorzdwn <______ End "G" begin "H"

result sort from "ULM":

GzzupSlorzdwnH00000000000K <_____ merge end "G" and "H"
114OtherItem PairingWhen I try to use the item pairing tool I receive an error "Runtime error 5" Thanks.Resolved
113Sort/AdvancedSort By LengthIf user has a list which is UTF-8 and ULM is in UTF-8 mode, when the user sorts the list by length the output file is zero size. Thanks.Resolved
111Sort/AdvancedSort by lengthSort by length not working, clicking 'Yes' does nothing clicking 'No' does nothing and clicking cancel sorts from long to short.

110OtherRegExWhen using RegEx, with any function, on a 32MB test file the output was 544MBResolved
109OtherAnySorry, this is the worst bug report in history, with very little detail :( I don't know what it is but when using ULM, variety of functions, many times over an extended period, my computer locks up. Nothing works, mouse or keyboard. Cannot Ctrl Alt Del I have to turn power off. This has happened many times.Resolved
108OtherRegular ExpressionThe "Replace" option is always greyed out. This is a very useful feature as it is like a mass find and replace, which is great. Please can it be restored.Resolved
107Slice ToolsSlice BetweenTrying to use the slice between tool doesn't seem to work. I am not asked for an input (positions to slice between).Resolved
106Slice ToolsSlice before textUsing slice before text search from left on a group of lists has the following error. If user selects "Inclusive mode" the inclusive mode part only works on the first list in the queue and not the rest.Resolved
104Downsize ToolsPurge: Unicodehi blazer
first i just want to say that ULM is amazing! I'm using this tool for a long time.

While using ULM, i noticed many a time a bug, which doesn't remove all dark-backgrounded (notepad++) unicodes.

Take a look at this screenshot:


Those two are not the only ones, which doesn't get removed by ULM.
Would be nice if you could take a closer look to the function.

King regards