Unified List Manager - ULM

A unified solution for list management.

ULM is a FREE application which is feature packed with tools to assist in sorting, analyzing, mangling, downsizing, expanding, hashing and manipulating text based lists.


Analyze lists by frequency of characters, frequency of items, item length, charset composition, consecutive character relationships, letter distribution per-position and item starting/ending properties to name a few.


Ability to purge character types from items, restrict items based on; item length, character occurance, consecutive character instances, starting/ending character. Also comes with a built in list split tool to divide up larger list by either size or number of lines.


Prefix/Suffix characters to your item or even within individual characters, Prefix/Suffix a number range or character set to your list. Generate all possible combinations based on characters of an item, reflect, reverse, duplicate and surround items.


Directly substitute one or more characters for another. Transform an item to a defined masked representation, other mask tools include the ability to keep/remove items when they match a mask. Select items which match a mask or if there is a partial mask match.


Algorithms supported include MD2, MD4, MD5, MD5 (apache), SHA-1, SHA-2(256), SHA-2(384), SHA-2(512), RipeMD-160, RipeMD-320 LanMan (LM), NTLM. Other algorithms include Base64 Encode/Decode to ASCII and Base64 Decode to Hex.

So much more!

There is simply waaaaayy too many other things which ULM can do. This includes the basic list functions such as a List Generator , List Sorter, Regular Expression list processing and list joining, to advanced features such as the ability to cross reference lists against one another.