Bug ID Category Function Description Status
35OtherReg EXUsing this command ^[0-9]*$ to remove numbers from a group of password lists I received this error message. " Stream Read Bound Error". ULM then crashed.Resolved
34OtherSplit ToolSplit Tool seems to lock up on very large files, I am not sure what the size limit is but when the user presses "split" after selecting a large file (about 30GB) nothing happens. I don't think there is anything happening in the background as the CPU is not used.Resolved
33Sort/AdvancedSort and Remove DuplicatesI get the following error message when working on a list that probably contains a lot of duplicates. Run time error 9 subscript out of range.Unresolved
32OtherFind and ReplaceWhen using Find and Replace tool with Queue I had to enter the find item and replace item for each file instead of ULM remembering it between files in the queue.Resolved
31OtherQueue ToolWhen I used Queue Tool with "Find and Replace" ULM only worked on alternate files. For example input file1 file2 file3 file4 file5 file6. Only file 1 file 3 and file 6 were modified.Resolved
25Slice ToolsSlice After TextI inputted text with a preceding " " (space) ULM didn't notice this and split in an unpredicted way. Example, try slicing after text " test" (not "test"). The command should only slice after (space) test not the word test.Resolved
24OtherConverterI tried to use the converter to split lines that had " " (double space) within them. The converter didn't notice that 2 spaces were used and converted using a single space.Pending
22Sort/AdvancedSort and Remove DuplicatesWorking on a good list list joined together with ULM. I tried sorting and removing duplicates and received this error. "Runtime 91 Object variable or with block variable not set". ULM then crashes. Resolved
19Slice ToolsSlice before textUsing this feature combined with the queue tool I had to keep entering whether wanted to use the "inclusive" mode. This prevents the user being able to leave the queue tool to run unattended when slicing. Please can you accept the first answer from the user and apply it to all in the queue ? Thanks.Resolved
18OtherCross ReferenceThis is quite a nasty one. I noticed this before but assumed I was mistaken. When using the cross reference tool sometimes the source list gets deleted by ULM part way through the process. This doesn't happen every time. It has just happened to me again with a 4.5GB source list and a 1.5GB reference list. 10 segments were created and when ULM was working through segment 2 the screen flickered and the source list disappeared. ULM is continuing to cross ref even when the source has gone. :)Resolved
16Sort/AdvancedHarvestHarvest Left and Right doesn't seem to work for me. I am guessing it is supposed to split lines like this hash:password so that one file contains only hashes and the other contains just passwords. If so it isn't working for me.Pending
15OtherInput file 'Path not found'This is not a great bug, but is the only thing I've found. Happens when you try to work with a file without extension in a folder like this (C:\website.com\AA), where AA is an existing file (without extension). ULM throws the following error: "Run-time error '76': Path not found".Resolved
14OtherCross ReferenceI was trying to subtract the contents of a 3.68GB list from an 8.34GB list using the cross reference tool. I had 73GB of free space on my C drive when starting. After some time I returned to my computer to see an error message from ULM to say that I had run out of disk space. The ULM temp folder was 73GB !Resolved
13OtherBug FormI can only see 8 reports in a column now. Before I could see all of them on one page. When I press the "Next" button or page 2 Privoxy blocks it and gives this reason. /.*(count|track|compteur|(?<!relo)adframe|adse?rve?|banner)(er|run)?(\?|\.(pl|cgi|exe|dll|asp|php|cpt))Resolved
12Line ToolsRemove if line containsRemove if line contains stats page doesn't show how many lines were removed.Resolved
11OtherInput file areaOn the main screen, double-clicking on the input file area when no file is selected causes a run-time error 91 then crash.Resolved
10OtherDelimiterUsing delimit with custom delimiter ":" on 8 small files, ULM only converted 4 of them. I have e-mailed you the files.Resolved
8Downsize ToolsSave items within the rangeWhen using Save items within the range, I don\'t think the items input and items output are giving correct details.Resolved
6Sort/AdvancedSort and removeI used sort and remove duplicates on a 3GB list. Everything seemed to go well and ULM didn\'t crash and also said it had finished as normal. I noticed afterwards that the temp folder was still there and that it contained 300MB of text. Will this text have been added to the output file or because it is still in the temp has it been lost ?Resolved
5OtherGlobalULM shows 0 lines when the input file contains 1 line of text without any newlines. This is actually 'correct' but it also means that ULM is showing 1 less processed line than it actually processed. It's just the display no lines are lost or anything.Pending
4OtherNot ClearingWhen merging a group of files vertically and then moving straight on to sort and remove duplicates \"without\" restarting ULM in-between usually results in an error. Most common is input output file error, out of memory or run time error.Resolved
2Charset ToolsItems can containWith numbers, upper lower alpha, special symbol and space selected these passwords were removed which I don't think should have happened as they were within the selected items. £ysoniu rstupczy sharkerra yuutheshhu beowulfmegan conterminaris diehgippasteoz heikent{miseksi priiskamatuinigi hervorgewettertere quest'imbussolatavene ~~~~ooooResolved
1OtherURLWeb address of this bug form (http://unifiedlm.com) should be available from ULM. Or perhaps at least mentioned within ULM itself, help window perhaps or even general main information page.Resolved