Fast Pair Tool (FPT)

  • Pair and output items within lists
  • 64-bit Windows and Linux binaries
  • Pair/Match items within 2 text files based on a separator/delimiter
  • Items from the leftside file will be searched against items from the rightside and paired based on a similar key/item


FPT -l leftside -r rightside [options]


FPT -l leftfile -r rightfile


-c Separator character used in left-side
-t Separator character used in right-side
-j Column for output from left-side (default: entire row minus key)
  Column defined by j will ALWAYS search against column 0 of right-side
-w Number of columns on the right-side (default 2)
-k Column for output from right-side (default: entire row)
  -k 0 Pairs the match with first column of right-side
  -k 1 Pairs the match with second column of right-side
-s Search column from left-side (default: column 0)
-i Case-insensitive key matching
-t num-threads
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