Bug ID Category Function Description Status
115Case Toolsgenerate all case mutationsinput:




problem -> TTT
114OtherItem PairingWhen I try to use the item pairing tool I receive an error "Runtime error 5" Thanks.Resolved
113Sort/AdvancedSort By LengthIf user has a list which is UTF-8 and ULM is in UTF-8 mode, when the user sorts the list by length the output file is zero size. Thanks.Resolved
112OtherEncoding ConversionOut of Memory error with large dictionaries.Unresolved
111Sort/AdvancedSort by lengthSort by length not working, clicking 'Yes' does nothing clicking 'No' does nothing and clicking cancel sorts from long to short.

110OtherRegExWhen using RegEx, with any function, on a 32MB test file the output was 544MBResolved
109OtherAnySorry, this is the worst bug report in history, with very little detail :( I don't know what it is but when using ULM, variety of functions, many times over an extended period, my computer locks up. Nothing works, mouse or keyboard. Cannot Ctrl Alt Del I have to turn power off. This has happened many times.Resolved
108OtherRegular ExpressionThe "Replace" option is always greyed out. This is a very useful feature as it is like a mass find and replace, which is great. Please can it be restored.Resolved
107Slice ToolsSlice BetweenTrying to use the slice between tool doesn't seem to work. I am not asked for an input (positions to slice between).Resolved
106Slice ToolsSlice before textUsing slice before text search from left on a group of lists has the following error. If user selects "Inclusive mode" the inclusive mode part only works on the first list in the queue and not the rest.Resolved
105OtherAll functionsIf I attempt to use ULM while virtualbox is running ULM outputs corrupted lists. This happens if I run ULM on the host or the guest system. I suspect it is a shortage of RAM but I wondered if it meant anything else. This can actually happen with very small lists 100KB for example. Thanks.Pending
104Downsize ToolsPurge: Unicodehi blazer
first i just want to say that ULM is amazing! I'm using this tool for a long time.

While using ULM, i noticed many a time a bug, which doesn't remove all dark-backgrounded (notepad++) unicodes.

Take a look at this screenshot:


Those two are not the only ones, which doesn't get removed by ULM.
Would be nice if you could take a closer look to the function.

King regards
103Transform ToolsUltra Character RemapI haven't used this tool very much so this report could be my fault entirely. However the Ultra Character Remap doesn't seem to be working for me. Could you please take a look :) Note: This refers to the "ULTRA" remap not multi which works ok for me. Thanks.Resolved
102Transform ToolsUltra Character RemapI haven't used this tool very much so this report could be my fault entirely. However the Ultra Character Remap doesn't seem to be working for me. Could you please take a look :) Note: This refers to the "ULTRA" remap not multi which works ok for me. Thanks.Resolved
101OtherCross ReferenceCross Reference doesn't seem to remove non ASCII characters from the Source list even though they are present in the Reference list. Thanks.Pending
100Downsize ToolsContains at most (count) letter XWhen processing this function ("Contains at most (count) letter X"), I receive the error "Run-time error 13: Type is mismatch" after entering the Character.
99OtherConverterIf you download this list... https://www.hashes.org/download_left.php?entry=8&spec=found and try to use "Encoding Conversion" to ASCII ULM crashes. Thanks.:)Resolved
98Sort/AdvancedSort and remove"Thor" says he is unable to sort a huge word list. He does however provide a torrent of the file he is having trouble with which may help you see what is happening. Link = https://forum-ssl.md5decrypter.co.uk/messages.aspx?TopicID=3784&#post21956 Thanks.Unresolved
97Sort/AdvancedSort and Remove DuplicatesSubscript out of range error message 9.

Sort and removing from 20GB list.

In the temp file, ULM appears to be stuck on the range 112_27_0 to 112_27_253.

I tried it a few times with same result at roughly the same point. Thanks.

96Sort/Advancedsort and removeits just crashed on big file @ server 2008
kindlty fix this thanks
84Sort/AdvancedSort and RemoveSort does not sort numbers in an expected way. Users may need to sort numbers to organize analysis results by frequency. To reproduce place these numbers in a text file.
(1,55,100,99) Then sort. I would expect (1,55,99,100) I actually get at the moment (1,100,55,99). Numbers written horizontally for this message, would each be on separate line in real use. Thanks.
83Analysis ToolsAnalysis List (Detailed)When I used this function all the output folder contained was this.

Starting properties
Consecutives properties
Toggle properties

79OtherRegExAs the RegEx tool works through the list in the input window they are not removed as they are completed like they used to, one by one. They are however all removed when the entire batch is finished.Resolved
78OtherSplit ToolIf the split tool is pointed to some files in an oddly named folder it writes the output to the directory above. To reproduce name a folder "work_md5.txt.out", put a text file in it and try to split into more than one file. This might explain the trouble I had with the split tool before.Resolved
77OtherSplit ToolThe split tool retains the last split list even if the tool is closed and opened again. It does not retain it after ULM is closed and re-opened however.Resolved
76OtherDLR (Auto Find)The "Auto Find" in DLR does not find " " (space) delimiters.Resolved
75OtherDLRUsing the DLR if the user makes an error or provides odd / incorrect input DLR crashes ULM instead of being a little more forgiving and just popping up a warning. :)Resolved
74OtherRegExIf you use the stop button before ULM has finished and look in the output list, many items that do not match the expression used will be present at the end of the list.Resolved
73Slice ToolsSlice BeforeIf the users selects text that is at the start of a word then uses "Slice before" ULM has a problem. :) To reproduce use this list.


Then use Slice Before and input " ULM outputs...

test1"test2 <--- this is wrong.

Thank you.

72OtherRegEx (V1E97)ReGEx
I am either getting no output or an incorrect one considering the expression used and compared to the output of V1E96.8 with the same expression on the same list. It does seem to scan much faster though !