Bug ID Category Function Description Status
171Sort/AdvancedSort and Remove DuplicatesRun-Time error '9'
Subscript out of range.
After-Anomaly detected! Attempting a workaround
Using Indexer AL-1.3
Original File 1.2 Gb. After crash generated file 95 Mb.
170OtherQueueHey. I encountered such a problem: I select the queue of files containing mail: pass, select the function "Split on character", press the "Process" button, in the next window "Input a single character to split on" select the separator ":", press "Ok" , ULM processes the first file and the "Input a single character to split on" window appears again, which negates the automation of working with the file list. You need to add the checkbox "Perform an action for the entire file queue" in the "Input a single character to split on" window. I must have a choice, apply settings for all files in the queue, or apply my settings for each file. I hope I understood clearly. My email: scanrootmail@gmail.com
Thank you.
168Sort/AdvancedsplitalphanumericUsing split alpha numeric does not work, strange output. Please will you take a look?Pending
167OtherReLPIf there is a ( or ) bracket in the file name then ReLP will not process it. Example New Text Document (2).txt would not be processed.Pending
166Sort/Advancedsort64lmSometimes sort64lm will not work on a file due to its name. This doesn't have to be an illegal naming problem or special character, oddly the following will not be processed. Web.txt or Uni.txt or Old_English_Sayings.txt If I simply change the name by 1 character sort64lm will work.

165Sort/AdvancedSort onlyIf all first char in dict. is the same, Exlample:


and dict. weight ~3.5 Gb
--> prog massage:
Run-time error '6':
And after click "OK"
don't response & close.

With respect, Yaroslav.
164Sort/Advancedsort and removeerror L3-42/0/0.1014598325Pending
163OtherCross ReferenceGUI freezing to infinity on (partial match) mode,
logging stop on step (Pass running)
I waited a long time (more that 2 hours) for (Reference list) size (600MB)
and (Source list) size (15MB)
Please fix this mode.
Thanks you so much!
162OtherSplit toolIf you point out the number of files before the green line finishes, the split tool doesn't begin working. Creates a temp file and all.Pending
161Line Toolsremove if line only hasMan, it doesn't work in full strengh with multiple choices. If I choose for example special, tabs, space and numbers, a file is reduced much less than when I only choose numbers. Thank you for the great program! Atlantis555@ya.ruPending
160Sort/Advancedsort and remove duplicatesort and remove duplicates feature causes some passwords to join together.
I noticed that if I duplicate my word-list the result contain first 10 list items joined with last 10 items,
so I tried to investigate further, so I reduplicated my list 10 times and found that the first 7 times contain joined passwords joined together but last 3 times the result was normal.
its a very strange behavior, after what happen to this list i re-check my others list that i used remove duplicates feature and found out that most of them effected by this bug and they where contain joined list-items that ruin my lists.

list and list duplicated are provided below:
List: https://www.dropbox.com/s/hx9631pfgratn9f/List.7z?dl=0
List after dublicate: https://www.dropbox.com/s/yjkhyth8nbq1gsv/List-removed_dublicates.7z?dl=0
158Sort/AdvancedSort and remove duplicatesVery often crash GUI on step (Anomaly detected! Attempting a workaround
Using Indexer AL-1.3) or (Using Indexer AL-12.3)
at sort 2,8Gb wordlist and bigger.
157Sort/AdvancedJoin and sort/remove duplicatesHere is the message:
Please report the foloowing error to the developer:
Error L3-227/0/0.1046661975

Then after hit enter got:
Run-time error '9':
Subscript out of range
155Analysis ToolsFrequency Analysis(Large List)I loaded the file to 3GB for analysis,the first stage of soft passes,but the second stage will not a lot and says that not enough memory! Memory as much as 32 GB and more than 80%!!! Please fix this!Pending
153Sort/AdvancedSort and remove duplicatesCrash message (Run-time error '9': Subscript out of range) at sort big dictionary (more 10Gb) stop logon on step (Using Indexer AL-12.3 , AL-1.3) and crash GUI.
P.S. The same dictionary easy sort in parts. Please fix it, thank you in advance.
152Analysis ToolsList MergerOne on One option broken, only works using a one on many function.




in both cases
151Otherccr -tWhen i input this in cmd:
ccr -i input.txt -r reference.txt -o outfile.txt -t 4
Unknown option `-t'

multithread dosent work
150Otheritem pairingselect item pairing and can not drag and drop into either boxPending
149OtherJoin Lists (Horizontal)The version 135&136. When I starting: TOOLS/Join/Join Lists (Horizontal)/One-to-one or & One-to-many - I have the same results in it :

I put into forms 100 strings on left and 100 strings on right and I have result is:

10 000 strings, one-to-Many function.
148Othercross refrencesource list contain
refrence list contain


ps: there should be no 9 in output file
147OtherDelimiter ConvertionDuring convertion CrLF-LF files with 15mio lines or more tool inserts emty lines randomly.Pending
145Analysis ToolsFrequency analysis large list When using "frequency analysis large list" on a lage list of ULM generated rules ULM crashes.Pending
143OtherCross Reference ToolRunning the Cross Reference Tool against a lot of small files (+20) at the same time results in 0 byte sized files for some of them. If you run ~10 at the same time it works fine. Seems maybe memory is wiped before the system can output the file. Version 128 on Windows.Pending
140OtherUTF-8When using this mode, most functions produce odd results. Comment from someone else.. can confirm it, UTF8 lost about 8% words on output, quick test
with lost words saved in small file didn't had this bug
139OtherEncoding Conversion ToolVarious problems but this tool is still Beta isn't it ? Not sure if I should bug report for it yet.Pending
137Sort/AdvancedSort and ReplaceSort and Replace finds duplicates in hashes.org found list, there shouldn't be any in that list.
Also happens with latest sort64lm.exe although different number found !
124Otherall functionsproblem on all functions, if the filename has no extension.

error :
Run-time error '76':
Path not found
123OtherSplit ToolI tried to use the split tool on a very large file and it just hung. The file was 30GB, but whenever I tried to use the split tool to split it into a more manageable size ULM just hung and did nothing after counting the lines. I left it for over 20 minutes to see if anything would start but nothing did. Tried this a few times, same result. Thanks.Pending
105OtherAll functionsIf I attempt to use ULM while virtualbox is running ULM outputs corrupted lists. This happens if I run ULM on the host or the guest system. I suspect it is a shortage of RAM but I wondered if it meant anything else. This can actually happen with very small lists 100KB for example. Thanks.Pending
101OtherCross ReferenceCross Reference doesn't seem to remove non ASCII characters from the Source list even though they are present in the Reference list. Thanks.Pending