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132 Looks like bug has something to do with word before having same few characters at the end as next word with same characters at front.

"Downsize" "Restrict max consecutives" Max consecutive chars=2

aabasa /kept ok
aabasaa /kept ok
aabasb /<- word removed by bug
aabasc /kept ok

"Downsize" "Restrict min consecutives" Min consecutive chars=3

aabasa /removed ok
aabasaa /removed ok
aabasb /<- word kept by bug
aabasc /removed ok

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Comment No. Message
1well spotted. This has been addressed for the next rlease and this is the sample output using Restrict max consecutive = 2

2Another option affected by this bug - "Downsize" "Limit consecutive char instances" Limit char instances to=2

aabasa -> aabasa
aabasaa -> abasaa / (B
3aabasa -> aabasa
aabasaa -> abasaa / Bug removed one "a"
aabasb -> aabasb / Bug removed one "a"
aabasc -> aabasc
4oh there is typo in 3rd line, should be:
aabasb -> abasb / Bug removed one "a"