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82All download tries fail with "Too many redirects".
Could you please fix it?

Many thanks!
81Can you add some settings for default line endings (CRLF, LF)? Now you all convert to CRLF and it's extra step to convert it back to LF. (due file size, on 15GB file it's quite significant save)DARKPending
80It would be good to be able to convert a plaintext list/dictionary to all their Hashcat masks. For example converting "P@ssw0rd" to "?u?s?l?l?l?d?l?l". If this could be done to an entire dictionary you could then remove duplicates and perform frequency analysis the most common masks etc.MGakowskiPending
79Please join in on the forum with Waffle here.

It would be great to have the two of you working on ULM CLI together
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a ahlam
a ai
a aidai
a aidao
output result.txt
i don't see this function please help
please help mePending
77Please Please Please update your tools, these are the best tools on windows for wordlist modification. Very sad to see that they haven't updated in ages. They are awesome!!!Pending
76Can you please make a MAC OSX Version,

Thank you !
Evan DranovitchPending
75 1. Load files into queue
2. Process files
3. click the USE AS INPUT LIST
4. It loads #2 (processed files) into the queue again.
74Insert text at multiple positions at once.


1. cat
2. dog
3. rat

I want to add prefix and suffix to the words above. I have to use the Insert Text at position option then use the Suffix option.

It would be cool if I could do it all in one go.
73I make multiple changes to multiple lists. A good option would be one that keeps the Queue files in the queue. This way they don't have to be loaded every time after the queue is processed.Pending
72Deleting Duplicate Lines From a File no working please fix
71Please, could you make a checkbox option to remove this popup queue window, in order that files are listed in the middle window? It really bothers. Thanks again! [email protected]AtlantisPending
70While using Cross Reference Tool, with some lists a message "Stream read bound error, is your list delimited properly?" is given and the tools stops working until the user press "ok", I would like to suggest to change this behavior to one of these two: 1 - only gives this message at the end of the cross reference task to avoid the user being there just to press the "ok", that can happen several times, and post the message when the task is ended, cause some of these cross reference tasks can take losts of time to be done, or: 2 - in case it is possible, the program fix the problem, if the user accept the option to fix it (or not fix). Maybe would be good if at least the message would identify which line(s) is(are) giving the "Stream read bound error" problem.Pending
69another amazing feature would be:

Cross reference pair finding. Eg:

Step 1: Load File 1 with emails/input only

Step 2: Load either a folder or several files as crossreference containing Email/Input-Pass and later the result of the process is throwing out all Email/Input-Pass Combinations that were found in the loaded files with the input from File 1.


Loading a List with Emails or any other input:

[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]

Loading several other files containing Email-Pass such as

[email protected]:password1
[email protected]:password2
[email protected]:password3
[email protected]:password4
[email protected]:password5

Result of the process should be a list containing

[email protected]:password3
[email protected]:password5

Example is done by emails, but any other input/pairfinding option would be just amazing.

I hope this is understandable and can be implented, too
68I would love see the feature in the near future to randomize a list accuratly. means even big lists can be randomized quickly.


List of 1 GB or more that´s sorted alphabetically should be unsorted in a randomized manner after randomizing.

There currently is a feature called "unsort" but this doesn´t really do what I would like to have as a feature for randomizing.

Long story short:



abc etc.

I think it´s easy to understand :)

By the way, AMAZING tool you guys created here!
67can i get data from text like this: 1212mcsc:[email protected]:
and chose a delimiter is : and then filter with columns that i chose like 1,3 and then it filter all to [email protected]: 28aef4b82102ff779af822d935cc5714
columns filter by positionPending
66Mac OSX Please !DavidPending
65Hi any chance of update?anonymousPending
64mysql5 encryptionPending
63support mac osxPending