Request ID Description Submitter Status
22When using the join tool and the user wishes to use sort and remove duplicates straight after, instead of the pop up box asking this question could it be a tick box on the join tool window instead, perhaps next to the "Delete processed files" option ? This allows the user to set things up and walk away from the computer much earlier than having to wait for the joining of the lists first. Thank you.Hash-ITApproved
21When a user drags multiple files into the operations window ULM asks the user to confirm they want to use the queue tool. Is this necessary ? Could this confirmation be removed to allow users who use this feature regularly to not have to keep confirming ? Thanks.Hash-ITApproved
20Please can we have a (hex to plain) and (plain to hex) converter. Thanks.Hash-ITApproved
19Multi CPU I understand ULM is hard coded so it is difficult to use multi CPU. However the RegEx seems to be separate program. Would it be possible to make the RegEx use multi CPU ? I use it a lot and it can take many days to complete.Hash-ITPending
18Rule Maker. User selects list. User inputs "threshold" number. ULM then scans list, turns list into u,l,d,s then sorts by frequency. ULM then uses the users "threshold" number to determine the number of lines it accepts as rule making lines, first 10 for example. Output would then be most popular patterns for the given list in the format of hashcat rules. -1 ?u?l -2 ?l -3 ?l -4 ?l?d?s ?1?2?2?2?2?3?4?4 would be a likely rule (as example). Then followed by the other 9 rules.Hash-ITPending
17Please allow people to add their e-mail address's to the ULM mailing list via the website. Also please allow people to remove their e-mails via the web site. Mailing list will notify users of new builds and possibly email new version in attachment ? Hash-ITApproved
16In the cross reference tool can the reference list path also be truncated please ? Not C/documents/etc/etc but just "list.txt"Hash-ITApproved
15Can we have a minimise to tray button please ? Thanks.Hash-ITApproved
14Is there a way the user could use "find and replace" to add a new line below what is found ? Example. Find "test" then (new line) print this "hello" this is a test << test is found by ULM then ULM makes a new line... hello << ULM prints hello bellow the line containing the "find" word. line one this is a test hello << written by ULM just another lineHash-ITApproved
13Remove ULM Naming. Can there be a feature where the user can load the queue tool with text files that have been modified with ULM and select a new feature that removes the _ULM_xxx extension from the file names please ? Also CR and regular expression tool 001 Thanks.Hash-ITPending
12Cross Reference Allow the user to add more than one text file to the reference box. This way the contents of the source list can be cross referenced against a group of files. This allows files to be kept separate (in categories) but the user knows there are no duplicates between them. Hash-ITPending
11RegEX The Hash-IT button gives this regex [^\\x20-\\x7e£’] could it also include the euro symbol please ? "€" It would look like this. [^\\x20-\\x7e£’€] Hash-ITApproved
10Regular Expressions Please can you make it so the Regular Expressions can read from a text file that is CrLF ? ThanksHash-ITApproved
9Overwrite Original Option Can there be an option for the user to save and replace as the original file ? This would allow the user to select a group of files and perform a function on them without have to delete the old ones and rename the new ones (removing ULM_001). Thanks.Hash-ITPending
8Sort/Advanced Sort by length and remove duplicates. Can there be a "sort by length and remove duplicates" option please ? This saves the user performing 2 functions if they want duplicates removing and then the list sorted by length for hashcat-plus. Hashcat-plus worked better with lists sorted by length. Please also retain the feature we have now of the normal "sort by length".Hash-ITPending
7RegEx The user cannot see the files being worked on as the file list screen is not wide enough. Can the screen either be re-sizable or could you please truncate the path names ? Thanks.Hash-ITPending
6Re-Naming Can there be a global method for naming files please ? Win7's "useful" feature of auto sorting means I am often grabbing an older file than the last one worked on. Main problem is with _CR after cross referencing etc. Also can the merge feature naming be considered please ? Thanks. Hash-ITPending
5Join Files Directory Would it be possible to make it so the "Join Vertical" feature could be provided with a directory rather than individual files ? This way a user can merge all the text files within the directory and sub directories. I think it is called recursive search. Thanks.Hash-ITPending
3Join Files Could there be a tick box so when the user is joining files vertically they can also remove duplicates at the same time, or automated on completion. I am almost certain that most users would perform a duplication removal after joining. However please make this optional as some users may need to perform an analysis so duplicates would need to stay. Thank you. Hash-ITApproved
2Global Replace. Could you make it so the user can replace files after performing a function on them rather than adding a copy of that file to the directory ? This would allow the user to decide if they want a copy (including modifications) to be made or for that file to be replaced with the modified version automatically. Currently Test.txt >Function Test_ULM_001.txt (new option would be) Test.txt >Function Test.txt. Thank you. Hash-ITPending