Request ID Description Submitter Status
42Could we please have a "Convert to Hex" function ? At the moment a workaround is to convert to Base64 then decode Base64 to Hex. It would be nice to do this is one process. Thank you.Hash-ITApproved
41When using the excellent new "Rule-Xtract" could the output file default to input file name with the suffix "Rules" please ?


Input file = foo.txt

Output file name foo_rules.txt
40Cross Reference. Could this tool please have a remove / delete original option also ? Thanks.Hash-ITPending
39Join Tool. When the user selects "Sort and de-dupe" could ULM delete the joined file after a successful de-dupe please ? This way the user is left only with the de-duped file and not 2 files joined and de-duped.Hash-ITApproved
38RegEx save output to 1 designated folder/ file. Allow the user to apply an expression to a group of files in different folders then send the output to a folder or single file defined by the user. Also retain what we have now :) Thanks.Hash-ITPending
37Remove/Delete Original List option in RegEx tool. Can we please have a check box like in join tool for the RegEx tool ? This would allow a user to work on a group of lists from many folders and apply an expression to them. The user would not then have to go back into many folders and manually select each original file to delete. Thanks.Hash-ITApproved
36Can we please be able to open multiple RegEx tools from the same ULM ? I do this to utilize more than 1 CPU and split my lists between multiple opened ULM's. This gets tricky as I cannot minimize the main ULM window once a Reg tool window is opened. If I could just open 1 ULM and then multiple RegEx tools from that window it would be very helpful. Thanks.Hash-ITPending
35Ability to input a custom character set for 'Contains at least / most (count) letter X' rather than a single character only. ThanksPiXELPending
34Would it be possible to allow the user to input a figure for the Chaining Analysis tool ? At the moment this tool finds groups of 2 consecutive characters, could the user input 3 or 4 for example to find groups of 3 or 4 characters ? Thank you.
33RegEx seems to create a new text file "example.txt to "example_001.txt even if there are no expression matches and therefore no output to be written. Could ULM perhaps make sure there is something to output before creating the file or perhaps delete the new file if it is empty on completion ? Perhaps a message in the message window to say "Nothing to output" might explain things to the user. Thank you.Hash-ITPending
32Column tool

Could there be a column tool in ULM ? This would allow the user to
split lists into columns (user defined bound or position) and then
rearranged them as required. This can be done in Excel but Excel is
slow and cannot handle large lists.

Example sent in e-mail.
31RegEx Near the input window of RegEx (file list) could there be a "Hold" tick box please ? This would hold the text file or files in the file window even after a process has been executed. This will allow the user to work on expressions and test quickly as they do not need to keep loading the input window. Also a user may wish to run different expressions on the same files over and over again. This would allow the user to do that without reloading all the time. Thank you.Hash-ITApproved
30Would it be possible to allow the user to drag folders in to the queue tool, RegEx and also the main ULM working window and ULM would search down and select all the text files within ? This would be useful when the user has files neatly sorted into folders and wants to be able to retain the directory locations but also work on them all as one. Thank you.Hash-ITPending
29Would it be possible to make the RegEx window a little bit larger please ? Particularly the Pattern/Expression window ? Thank you.Hash-ITApproved
28RegEx, Please can we have a method (stop button) to enable the user to stop a RegEx process gracefully without having to close down ULM ? Thank you.Hash-ITApproved
27If a user makes a mistake in the RegEx tool, ULM freezes and displays this error. "5018, Method of '~' object '~' failed". The user then has to close ULM and re-open it. Is it possible to make it so the user doesn't have to restart ULM when they input a bad RegEx ? Basically a more robust error handling for the RegEx tool please :)Hash-ITApproved
26Where ULM puts its name in the outputs, e.g. Brief Analysis, please also give version number.
25RegEx. There looks to be space for 2 user definable buttons in the RegEx page. Could it be possible for the user to be able to assign a text file (containing their RegEx rules) to each of these new buttons ? The location of the users RegEx files could be stored in ULM's ini file. If this feature is implemented it would allow the user to quickly use their favorite RegEx settings without having to constantly browse for them. Thank you.Hash-ITApproved
24I wonder if it might be a good idea to remove the icons along the top and replace them with just text. This will allow you to have two rows at least and be able to spread things out better. It also means new users won't miss the features hidden behind the slide bars. It may also enable you to bring items out of the tool drop down and have them more easily accessible. Thanks.

23List Merger (Horizontal): can the Output field memorize the last path used ? It saves a lot of time if a user is merging several files and each time, before it starts, need to browse for a folder ! Thanks.proinsideApproved