Request ID Description Submitter Status
61Configuration option for assigning CPU threads for processing. Currently there is none (or I didn't notice it). It would be nice to have an option to assign some (not all) of your available CPU threads.d2Pending
60Configurable option for storing temporary files. Imagine we have a huge src list and you want to speed up its processing by creating RAMdisk for every temporary/helper files.

Risk: any power loss on client side will wipe your data, but that's acceptable risk I'd say.
59GPU accelerated operations for sorting/merging etc.d2Pending
58Convert a HEX encoded to ASCII and vice versaPending
57Rule Tool. A more automated way for the user to make rules. Allow user to select word list, select type of rule to make ( as available now ). New part is to ask user for the number of most frequent rules to save, automate the rest of the process. So user can select a list, rule type and tell ULM to save the top 1000 rules to a text file, for example.Hash-ITPending
56After using Frequency Analysis it is hard to sort most common rule because numbers are sorted in an odd way.


Can the "sort and remove duplicates" sort numbers in a numeric way rather than alphabetic way ?

So the above would be sorted...

55in hashing section put brypt hash mode pleasecrazynouPending
54in hashing section put brypt hash mode pleasebcryptPending
53ULM-GUI Could the sort option in ULM-GUI have the ability to sort case IN-sensitive please ? Also retain how it does it now. Thank you.Hash-ITPending
52SortLM, Could SortLM be able to sort by length please ? Short to long or long to short. Thank you. :)Hash-ITPending
51SortLM Could SortLM have the option to sort by case IN-sensitive please ? Also retain how it does it now. Thanks. :)Hash-ITPending
50Would it be possible to implement the ability to delete defined character and not just only to remap it by another. Thanks.Pending
49Mac executable and/or native OSX command line version?

Awesome work, thanks.
In the RegEx tool can I suggest the "Output Other" is greyed out when user selects the "Replace" option ? Thank you.
47in "Line Tools" - Can you change the:

Keep if line contains (text)
Remove if line contains (text)

Options to be able to allow multiple words.

For instance I might want to remove or keep any and all lines that contain the words:

As it stands now the feature only allows to keep or remove all lines that contain 1 word, so out of that list I would only be able to keep or remove lines that have the word "dog" in them, and then I would have to repeat the process using the remainder of the words.

46separe word families 3 letters, 4 letters 5 letters, 6 leters, 8 letters, 9 letters, 10 leters,paperalt@gmail.comPending
45Add a cleanup rules featrure to ULM to remove broken rules. It can be foudn in hashcat-utils. You could also give more options to it fore example only a limited lenght or only append rules.CLeanup RulesPending

Can you add this item:hash and hash:pass >> item:pass to your tool ?
Here is an example:
43In RegEx tool could we please have a feature where the user can have an option to output BOTH matched and unmatched items to separate text files during the same process ? Thank you. :)Hash-ITApproved
42Could we please have a "Convert to Hex" function ? At the moment a workaround is to convert to Base64 then decode Base64 to Hex. It would be nice to do this is one process. Thank you.Hash-ITApproved