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154 If I have a email:hash list and hash:pass list and in the hash:pass list I removed duplicates, it will only output 1 email:password result even if more than 1 person used that password

for example, after removing duplicates, the output will only have 1 record of email:123456 even though 1000 people signed up with 123456 as a password.

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1same here i put my user:hash file and my hash:pass file in the item pairing but when i process nothing happens it just gives the following in the log
Preparing file...

Item matc
2Preparing file...
Item matching complete
Input | Output: |
Items input: 867
Items output: 0
Items removed: 867
Time taken: 5 ms
3see http://unifiedlm.com/DownloadFPT
4Same problem
5Same problem
6Same problem
7Same problem, help us please.....
8Same problem, help us please.....