Request ID Description Submitter Status
17Please allow people to add their e-mail address's to the ULM mailing list via the website. Also please allow people to remove their e-mails via the web site. Mailing list will notify users of new builds and possibly email new version in attachment ? Hash-ITApproved
16In the cross reference tool can the reference list path also be truncated please ? Not C/documents/etc/etc but just "list.txt"Hash-ITApproved
15Can we have a minimise to tray button please ? Thanks.Hash-ITApproved
14Is there a way the user could use "find and replace" to add a new line below what is found ? Example. Find "test" then (new line) print this "hello" this is a test << test is found by ULM then ULM makes a new line... hello << ULM prints hello bellow the line containing the "find" word. line one this is a test hello << written by ULM just another lineHash-ITApproved
13Remove ULM Naming. Can there be a feature where the user can load the queue tool with text files that have been modified with ULM and select a new feature that removes the _ULM_xxx extension from the file names please ? Also CR and regular expression tool 001 Thanks.Hash-ITPending
12Cross Reference Allow the user to add more than one text file to the reference box. This way the contents of the source list can be cross referenced against a group of files. This allows files to be kept separate (in categories) but the user knows there are no duplicates between them. Hash-ITPending
11RegEX The Hash-IT button gives this regex [^\\x20-\\x7e£’] could it also include the euro symbol please ? "€" It would look like this. [^\\x20-\\x7e£’€] Hash-ITApproved
10Regular Expressions Please can you make it so the Regular Expressions can read from a text file that is CrLF ? ThanksHash-ITApproved
9Overwrite Original Option Can there be an option for the user to save and replace as the original file ? This would allow the user to select a group of files and perform a function on them without have to delete the old ones and rename the new ones (removing ULM_001). Thanks.Hash-ITPending
8Sort/Advanced Sort by length and remove duplicates. Can there be a "sort by length and remove duplicates" option please ? This saves the user performing 2 functions if they want duplicates removing and then the list sorted by length for hashcat-plus. Hashcat-plus worked better with lists sorted by length. Please also retain the feature we have now of the normal "sort by length".Hash-ITPending
7RegEx The user cannot see the files being worked on as the file list screen is not wide enough. Can the screen either be re-sizable or could you please truncate the path names ? Thanks.Hash-ITPending
6Re-Naming Can there be a global method for naming files please ? Win7's "useful" feature of auto sorting means I am often grabbing an older file than the last one worked on. Main problem is with _CR after cross referencing etc. Also can the merge feature naming be considered please ? Thanks. Hash-ITPending
5Join Files Directory Would it be possible to make it so the "Join Vertical" feature could be provided with a directory rather than individual files ? This way a user can merge all the text files within the directory and sub directories. I think it is called recursive search. Thanks.Hash-ITPending
3Join Files Could there be a tick box so when the user is joining files vertically they can also remove duplicates at the same time, or automated on completion. I am almost certain that most users would perform a duplication removal after joining. However please make this optional as some users may need to perform an analysis so duplicates would need to stay. Thank you. Hash-ITApproved
2Global Replace. Could you make it so the user can replace files after performing a function on them rather than adding a copy of that file to the directory ? This would allow the user to decide if they want a copy (including modifications) to be made or for that file to be replaced with the modified version automatically. Currently Test.txt >Function Test_ULM_001.txt (new option would be) Test.txt >Function Test.txt. Thank you. Hash-ITPending
1Sort/Advanced Alphabetical Sort. Can we have a sort alphabetically option ? At the moment the sort splits upper lower alpha, can the new feature "NOT" be case sensitive please ? Still retain what we have now also. Thanks. Hash-ITPending